You own one. I own one. We all have a graphic t-shirt sitting in the wardrobe, involving Star Wars, or the power puff girls or even that Homer Simpson one your Aunty got you last Christmas.
But now graphic t-shirts are back. They’re classier. Edgier. And shall we say a bit more grown up?
It seems these days people aren’t after Peter Griffin on a t-shirt, gone are the days instead people are looking for art, people are looking to wear something iconic.

 So what does this mean for the future of art?
The fact is graphic t-shirts will always be around as long as somebody has a funny quote from a movie or a picture of a minion but I think this new genre of graphics mean a more sophisticated print, something that someone sat down and designed and looks good to wear.

Does this mean that we’ll soon be seeing t-shirts on the walls of art galleries?

Hmm, probably not but for the average joe like me without a fine art degree and not a pinch of knowledge on the subject it does kind of make it a bit more accessible, you don’t have to know about the finities to know that a tshirt looks pretty damn cool.

 What does this mean for Artists?
In my opinion it means being able to be creative, create what you like creating but also at the end of the day create things that people like so much they want to wear them. Breaking into  the world of art is difficult and to a lot of people it’s a world somewhat unseen, however when you’re creating art that the people are wearing it gives you a great big prod in the right direction.
What do you think about graphics and the future or art?

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