What to eat in an Italian restaurant Part 1

People have their favourite dishes to pick when eating Italian, more so when you eat Italian in Italy. I mean let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to have a favourite Italian dish. From seafood to vegetarian, they know how to handle their ingredients and they can get quite pretentious about their food.

My daughter, for example, is very hard to please when it comes to food. Born and partly raised in Italy and at 7 yrs old won’t touch a microwave pasta bake with a javelin, Food snob? Maybe…, one thing I DO know; she is a nightmare to cook for and probably the best critic you would want to take to a restaurant if you want to find out the quality of the food. So that’s exactly what I did. We had heard about Hotel Daniele and it’s authentic cuisine, I had even met the chef/owner on a separate occasion.

I figured; everyone says their food is great, you would be a pretty crappy business owner if you started your pitch with “come and eat at my restauranrt, it’s kind of ok”

A quick check on Tripadvisor revealed it was the #4 in the 30 best restaurants in Farnham, average of 4.5/5 rating and glowing reviews with only a couple of tainted positives…..they got a Certificate of Excellence!! So what if it’s from Tripadvisor, you don’t get awarded anything for being bad at what you do…, unless you’re getting the Golden Raspberry Awards, then you probably won’t even show up to be fair.                With growing intrigue, we decided to go check it out this family run Sicilian restaurant.

We started by asking the chef what would be the best to order. He knew the questions to ask.                  What are you planning on eating for your main? What have you not tried before?… seems like simple questions but can tell a whole lot about what to offer you.

We ended up figuring out all 3 courses right there with him.

Fritto misto – deep fried seafood platter. a light yet crunchy start to the hefty dose ahead.

A delicious pasta bolognese for the littlun, spread with Parmesan cheese and garnished with parsley.

I, on the other hand, had to go for the Steak (medium) with roast potato and veg, topped with a delicious homemade black peppercorn sauce. A glass of red for good measure, I was seeing no downside ahead.

Of course for desert you can never talk a child out of ice cream, no matter how much you have at home. I however was introduced to an amazing lemon cheesecake that broke the mold. I actually finished it before I realized…”damn I need to take a picture”…….I regret nothing!  Cooked well with sizeable portions, sounds like my kind of equation.

The best thing about Hotel Daniele is that they have a lunch set menu from Tuesday to Friday between £6.00-£12.00 and a Sunday lunch menu between £14.95-£17.95 depend on how many courses. Normal menu can get pricey but there are great options on the set menu too.

If you want some really authentic Italian cuisine make sure you put hotel Daniele, Farnham on your bucket list or on your to do list. Amazing food, competent and friendly staff. Make sure you try the steak on one of those visits, me? I’ll be getting the crab the next time.

Watch out for Part 2 where we get Leo Daniele, the chef and owner, to work through a list of what you should order in an Italian restaurant and what they actually are.  See you soon.



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