How can we show off the Cocky Culture brand in a photo shoot? First ingredient is to combine the resourcefulness of one budding marketer, the free spirited Patrick Ireland, who we should point out was also the male model in our images

But that is not all, the combination also required the expertise of  photographer Ed Gilbert Marsh and the topping on the cake which was the beautiful Izzy Kennard (Model).  We all made acquaintances at the photo shoot location provided by Bar Thirteen in Guildford where, funny enough Izzy works and Ed is a resident photographer.

Bar Thirteen is by far one of the most original, unique and aesthetically adventurous bar in Guildford.  Doing away with the clean cut or traditional look that describes most of the bars in Guildford, Bar Thirteen have laced every nook in a whole dimension of its own, from colourful to grimey-grunge to modern then to vintage.  The perfect place to take some insane pictures that might seem to have been taken in a studio set.  he best thing about this place was the outside  smoking area that had a Bob Marley mural, that was the creme de la creme for Cocky Culture.

Longsleeve slounge top

The slounge top & Bob Marley Mural

Thanks to Ed’s natural intuition, there was no need for over explaining or do overs so, after a great and productive day of photography we decided to make an evening of it seeing as Bar Thirteen also host a kick ass Monday Night Guildford (MNG). #sorrynotsorry.

A memorable day to say the least but one without need for much memory space as we have the evidence in the amazing images created by all involved.  Special thanks again to Ed Gilbert Marsh, Patrick Ireland & Izzy Kennard and of course the amazing Bar Thirteen @ 13-15 Bridge Street, Guildford.  You will be seeing us again real soon.




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